School Newsletter


February Dolphin Newsletter                

February 7th – Spring Pictures
February 15th - Half Day of School in the a.m.

•          Breakfast & Lunch will be served.
•          Students will be released at 11:50 a.m.

•          Please be prompt picking up students.
February 16th – No School

February 21st - PT Conferences - 4:10 p.m. - 7:10 p.m. School is in Session

February 22nd - No School - PT Conferences - 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

February 23rd - No School - PT Conferences - 8:00 – 10:20 a.m.


Lunch prices for the 17 days in February

Breakfast Prices are:
Full Price - $25.50 - Reduced Price - $5.10
Lunch prices are:

Full Pay - $42.50 - Reduced Pay - $6.80

Adult & guest children lunches are $3.60 each

We now have McDonald’s cards for sale. They are only $10! Please stop by the office if you are interested.

New Address

It is the start of a new year and if you happened to have moved over the break, please come and give us your current information.  You will need to bring in proof of address for example a utility bill, so we may get this changed for you. 


All Box Tops for Educations are due on February 26th for this year.  Please send in all you have collected so we may hit the March 1st deadline.  You may continue to collect and turn them in after the deadline; these will be saved for next year.  Thank you for your support.

Parent Teacher Conferences

It is very important you attend your child’s conference at their scheduled time.  Coming at a totally different time and hoping to be worked in causes those who come at their correct time to be delayed.    Please call us if you need to reschedule.  It is a little harder to reschedule a conference with a translator, but we will make it work. We appreciate your help with this.

Parent Teacher Conferences

February 21 - 4:10 p.m.-7:10 p.m.
February 22 - 11:40 a.m.-7:40 p.m.
February 23 - 8:00 a.m.-10:20 a.m.

  Notes will be going home in February with your conference time.  Please be sure and be on time for your conferences. This keeps things running smoothly.  Thank You

Music News for Gertrude Walker

Please mark your calendar for the up-coming Spring Concerts.

April 16, 2018 – Monday – Kindergarten
April 17, 2018 – Tuesday – 1st and 2nd
May 3, 2018 – Thursday – 3rd and 4th

All concerts begin at 6:30 PM in the school gym.  Students are to be at school at 6:10 PM.  Students are to wear nice concert clothes. NO PICTURES OR WRITING on shirts. Everyone is invited to attend each concert. Thanks for your support. We will be seeing you.   
Musically, Mrs. Cessna


Hello from the School Nurse Mrs. Utz

Hello from Your School Nurse,

Gertrude Walker is working toward the challenges of healthy habits and staying active.  An easy way to remember to remind your student to follow good health is the 5,2,1,0 idea. It is 5 fruits/vegetables, no more than 2 hours of electronics per day, 1 hour of physical activity each day and 0 sugary drinks.
February is Dental Health month. Please encourage your child/children to brush their teeth each morning and before bed.  Visit your dentist at least once a year.  Avoid sugary drinks and food. Increasing milk and dairy will help your child grow healthier teeth and bones. This will help avoid injury to bones and decrease decayed teeth and dental complications


Mrs. Deibert, ESL/ Title I Interventionist
State assessments are coming very soon for our third and fourth graders. Every student needs to be practicing their math facts to the point where the facts are automatic. This helps students spend their thinking on solving the problem, not on the math facts. Students need to understand all the questions that need to be answered in their multiple step problems. Also, if needed, students need to be practicing the high frequency words for their grade level so their reading fluency can be improved. Reading fluency aids reading comprehension. It is a good idea to be practicing on non-fiction literature to understand facts, graphs, charts, and timelines.
Another assessment coming soon is the KELPA. This is the Kansas English Language Proficiency Assessment, given to every student who has been identified as an ESL student. This assessment is mandated by the state and will test each student in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The test should indicate if students are gaining in their abilities to listen, speak, read, and write more proficiently in English at their grade levels.
The month of January flew by as we worked to improve our reading and math skills. We also learned about Kansas and its statehood, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and winter. We are looking forward to February and the topics of dental health, our presidents, black history, the Underground Railroad and Valentine’s Day.

Thank you, parents, for encouraging your child to learn, to listen, and to behave in school. Students achieve at higher levels when they are motivated at school, encouraged at home, and do not let behavior prevent learning. I look forward to the next few months of the school year and anticipate much success and growth.

4th Grade with Mrs. Johnson

The year has gone by quickly! We have been working hard here in 4th grade and have made some great improvements since the beginning of the year. We want to continue to improve on reading fluency and comprehension skills. Reading fluency is reading words quickly and accurately, while taking the time for expression and not “reading like a robot” as we like to say. Practicing reading aloud is very beneficial and if they can record themselves and listen to it, they will be able to hear how they read and try to improve on that. Comprehension skills come in when students need to not only remember what they read, but understand it as well. A terrific way to practice is to ask questions about what they have read. Who is the main character? What is the problem? How did they solve it? Tumblebooks offers a wide variety of books and reading levels for every reader. It is also available free from the Finney County Library’s website.
Take some time at home to read with your child and ask them questions about what they are reading. You can even ask them to read with different accents or different characters. Have them read like a pirate, a cartoon character, or anything else that may seem fun and silly. Make it enjoyable and have fun doing it!